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Digital Smile Design

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with the smile of your dreams?

Using a new technology and working with some of the best technicians in the world, we can give you a custom designed, facially-driven template to try in your mouth that will allow you to see yourself in photos and video laughing and talking with the smile you’ve always wanted.

We take a specific and unique set of photos and video of your face and teeth and use that to custom design a new smile for you that will best suit your facial characteristics and therefore look extremely natural.  

You may also pick a smile that you have always admired and choose that for your template as well.  It is one of the only ways in the world where we can actually use the help of the patient to co-author their own smile. Its’ fun, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to test drive your smile before you make the commitment.

If you like and approve of this smile design we can then transform it into porcelain to make it something that will last for years to come.  We will custom shade it and you will be able to make minor changes during the process to personalize your smile more that you ever thought possible.

We will also use another digital technology known as the TekScan that will help us create the perfect bite for you once you receive your new porcelain. (see video to the right) This is a precise way of making sure your smile not only looks great, but functions well too. 

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