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Digital Smile Design

Everyone desires a big, beautiful smile that complements both their face and personality. However, having a clean, healthy mouth may not be enough for people who are unsatisfied with the way their teeth look. Many patients would like their smile to harmonize with the rest of their physical characteristics. Well, now you too can achieve the smile of your dreams, thanks to the latest dental treatment offered at Peggy Bown Dentistry, Digital Smile Design (DSD). Digital Smile Design is a unique systematic approach that carefully analyzes your facial and dental proportions to create a naturally beautiful smile.

How can Digital Smile Design help me?

Not every patient is the same. So why should you be treated the same? That is why we make sure that your personalized DSD experience combines dentistry, aesthetics, and technology to find the right option for you. Using state-of-the-art technology, DSD can give you custom-designed results using our photo library taken from people with naturally beautiful teeth to help you create the smile you want.

Your personalized DSD experience

Choosing Your Smile

The first step to your DSD treatment starts by taking a specific and unique set of photos and videos of your face and teeth. We use these photos and videos to customize and design your new smile and better understand what will best suit your facial characteristics. You will also be able to assist in developing the personalized smile that you have always admired.

“Smile Try-Ons”

Once the template is created, we will print a 3D model made out of a silicone mold and let you try it on. This is known as a “smile try-on,” which will allow you to see yourself in photos and videos, laughing and talking with the smile you have always wanted. It is fun, easy, and a great way to test drive your smile before you make the commitment.

Making your smile a reality

If you find yourself satisfied with the smile you have created, we can transform it into porcelain to make it something that will last for years to come. Your customized teeth will tinted with a natural colour, and you will be able to make minor changes during the process to personalize your smile more than you ever thought possible.

Our Promise to You

Our highly equipped staff are here to ensure you leave our office feeling happy and beautiful. We are here to listen to whatever questions or concerns you may have and set your mind at ease. We promise always to make you part of the conversation and treat you as a whole person, not just another set of teeth during your time at Peggy Bown Dentistry.

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