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Veneers and Crowns

Teeth sometimes need a partial or total resurfacing of the outside layers to either strengthen or beautify the tooth.  As long a what is inside or at the core of the tooth is fine, then we will sometimes recommend a new surface that is a metal-free porcelain glass, with high strength and maximum esthetics.

Veneers are usually done for cosmetic reasons and If we only need to cover part of the tooth, we will choose this more conservative option.  Dr. Bown will remove a little bit of the outside part of the enamel in order to replace it with a nicer, more esthetic surface.

Crowns are also done for this purpose but only if much more of the existing enamel is missing before we start.  Sometimes an extra procedure known as a core will be placed prior to the placement of the crown.  Otherwise, the crown is again a shell of porcleian glass that is very strong and is custom made to fit over the tooth for many years.

Bridges are made of the same material but will have a fake tooth bonded to the crowns on either side of the space to make it appear there is a real tooth there.  Bridges can replace up to 3 missing teeth in one span or the patient may choose to have dental implants instead.

You may book a consult today but we recommend our New Patient Experience prior to any major dental procedures.

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