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Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

“Previously, technology could not provide the results we and our patients deserve. The dream has come true!”

Dr. Christian Coachman

As Atlantic Canada’s only Digital Smile Design Clinic, we are proud to offer a fully trained team using the Digital Smile Design Technique which allows us to maximize our communication, planning and performing, in order to create beautiful smiles with the accuracy of the approved initial design.

Dr. Bown has been advancing her DSD training since 2016, becoming Canada’s first DSD Master in 2017, and co-branding her clinic as Atlantic Canada’s official DSD Clinic in 2019.

DSD is a unique approach to smile design and begins by allowing you to co-design your smile when you share your vision and desires with our team.

We then take special photos and video to capture your smile at every angle to assess your aesthetic needs, function and personality. This allows Dr. Bown to digitally create a smile specifically suited to you making it much more natural than just a ‘straighter smile’ or a ‘veneer and denture’ look. We truly want your smile to be customized for you. It should not look fake or false.

Once the technical requirements are combined with your desires and emotional needs, a great result can be achieved. As you Digital Smile Design Master, Dr Bown takes pride in creating a more natural, and beautiful smile for you. As part of our DSD service, we also give you a unique opportunity to ‘test drive’ your future smile (in real time in your mouth), and approve it, or make changes, before we EVEN begin! You will be blown away by the attention to detail and work that our team puts into making your DSD smile journey incredible.

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