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Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

The DSD Concept is much more than a smile design system. It provides a platform to allow us to give you the smile of your dreams. This technology allows us to improve our communication with you the patient, involve you in the process of designing your new smile, and it allows us to complete your new smile with total accuracy.

Dr. Bown has been providing DSD since 2016, is a DSD Master, and also has recently become Atlantic  Canada’s first DSD Clinic.

DSD is a smile enhancement process. By doing this treament, you get to co-design your own smile by sharing objectives and expressing your desires with our team.

We take special photos and videos to capture your smile at every angle to assess not only your esthetic needs, but also to assess your personality. This allows Dr. Bown to create a smile specifically suited to you.

Once the restorative technical requirements are combined with the desires and emotional needs of the patient, a great result can be achieved. Digital Smile Design allows us to create a clear path to natural, confident and beautiful smiles.

The Future is Now

The dream of every dentist is to create naturally beautiful smiles that harmonize with one’s physical characteristics, and most importantly, with their personalities. However, until recently the limitations of technology held back the dream of achieving dental excellence.

Today, the technology is ready! Because of Digital Smile Design, Dr. Bown is able to produce smiles above and beyond conventional dentistry. The smile of your dreams is just waiting to be discovered.

To become a DSD patient, simply call 1.506.634.6000 or email the clinic to setup your initial introductory Smile Assessment appointment.

Appointment Sequence

Appointment 1:

The DSD Smile Consult – this includes a meeting with Dr Bown, a complete exam, a virtual impression, and special radiographs. Then there is detailed documentation and digitalization with our DSD Coordinator Crystal.

We take special video and photos of you laughing and talking so we see and experience your whole smile from every angle. This also helps our patient become the co-designer of their own treatment by sharing objectives, expressing their desires and expectations with the restorative team.

Appointment 2:

A detailed review of the proposed treatment options, the associated steps, timeline and potential cost. Often, we will do a ‘smile test drive’ which is a real live simulation where you get to try on the smile before we start.

At the end of this appointment, you will meet with Dr Bown and our second DSD Coordinator, Suzanne, to help answer any further questions, and set you up with the appropriate appointments to get started.

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