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Veneers & Crowns

A veneer is when we cover only the front of the tooth to lengthen or change its shape and shade. Dr Bown is experienced to offer two types of veneers, acrylic and porcelain.

Your decision on which is right, or best for you, may come down to many factors such as age, history of bonding or cavities, desired shade, and price point. Porcelain does tend to last longer and be stronger, however it is more expensive as we include our technician to build the the porcelain off site. There are also two appointments for porcelain, instead of one in the case of acrylic.

Check out our Lite Dentistry to learn what other options are out there.

There are also two appointment for porcelain, instead of one in the case of acrylic.

A crown is when we need to circle the tooth in porcelain completely. It too requires a two step process where we prep your tooth(teeth) and place temporary crowns/veneers, while our technician makes the porcelain according to the design. Your temporary teeth will be in the design you approved so you get to test drive your new smile once again before it is made, allowing any changes before the finals are made.

Dr Bown takes time to plan and designs all veneers and crowns prior to preparing the teeth. She must take many factors into consideration and integrate that in the treatment plan. In the most ‘aesthetic only’ cases, she uses the Digital Smile Design technique to create the most natural and customized smile possible. 


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