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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation usually involves comprehensive upper and lower treatment and may include Digital Smile Design, crowns, bridges, veneers, or Implants. It refers to Dentistry that rehabilitates the bite and the smile by adding to, or modifying, all areas of the mouth.

This type of dentistry often involves many appointments but much of the work is in the planning, just like an architect would plan before they build.

When we plan we also provide the patient a real (in the mouth) preview of how we will do it and what it will look like before we even start (this includes Digital Smile Design and any temporary restorations)

Patients are welcomed to co-author their smiles during each step and we will go the extra mile to help make our patients have the smile and function they’ve always wanted.

Below is an general outline of the basic steps we perform to help make your experience smooth and meet your expectations. This will vary on a case by case basis.

A comprehensive exam and collection of records including photographs, video, impressions, facial measurements, speech analysis, determination of the bite and digital radiographs.  This may also include Digital Smile Design records or a mock-up using the DSD App.

Review of all information collected and consideration of patient chief complaint to determine how much treatment and the type of treatment necessary, in addition to breakdown of phases and cost analysis.

A signed informed consent, final review of treatment and a financial plan is put in place (this may include submission to insurance companies for assistance with payment). However, with large treatment plans our policy is that payment is due on the day of treatment and the patient can seek reimbursement from their provider if they expect any assistance from their insurance provider.

In this appointment, further records may be necessary or we may be able to start making modifications to the teeth. Sometimes this is just renewing old fillings, prepping for veneers or even placement of an implant. No matter what the plan, the patient will be prepared for the steps involved, the treatment time (length of the appointment) and the associated cost.

This may include more in depth reconstructive procedures such as changing the bite, or prepping the teeth for crowns or veneers (which will then have a temporary material placed over them while waiting for the lab to create the porcelain work necessary).

.We allow our patients to try their smile using a temporary mock up prior to finalizing their smile design. This process allows our patients to provide valuable feedback on the look, feel and function of their smile so that they receive perfect final results. After patient approval of the trial smile our team finalizes the case sends it to our lab for production of your forever porcelain smile. 

This is the day where the patient is once again given minor local anaesthetic but now to remove the temporaries and place the final prosthetics like crowns, bridges, veneers, or dental implants.  

Our smile makeover or full mouth rehabilitation patients all receive a complimentary hygiene appointment within days of receiving their new smile.  This is to ensure that any excess materials is removed, the tissues are in good health and you are fully informed on how to keep you new smile as healthy as possible with the best hygiene products.

We provide before and after pictures by taking high resolution photographs once all of the above steps are complete and you feel your best.  We can provide you with these photos or video of your smile transformation.  Also, on this visit we will use digital technology to analyze your bite and make sure it feels good when you chew (this may need to be done on more than one appointment depending on the complexity and the patient’s dental history).

We make sure we try to give you every chance at keeping your smile beautiful for years to come and this means providing you with education on how often you should see our hygiene team.  We will call you in advance to remind you of these appointments and help you look and feel your best.

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