General Dentistry

General Dentistry is a vital part of basic oral health…

and usually treats minor disease like cavities, tooth aches, trauma, gingivitis, and broken prosthetics like dentures and partial dentures.

Non-metal Fillings

We treat both children and adults and use the latest isolation techniques to make sure your fillings are placed safely and beautifully. Before and after photos are often provided for all types of procedures.

Root Canals

We can make a tooth ache stop and eliminate infection inside a tooth in usually one appointment.  We do not remove the actual root, just the inflamed tissue inside.

We replace that space with a medicated material that can stay inside the tooth for many years.  As long as the tooth is then restored properly with a filling or crown it can still last many years.

Dental Hygiene

Along with the help of our hygiene team, we can help you have your gums stay healthy or get back to normal within a short period.  Sometimes we need more than one appointment depending on how long it’s been since you saw a hygienist, but often one appointment is all you need.


A fractured tooth or teeth can be very easy or difficult to fix.  Minor chips will be easily replaced with tooth colored filling material specifically designed for the esthetic/smile zone.  Other long-term problems from trauma can be also treated but may take more than one visit and may include root canal therapy.

Fractured Dentures or Partials

Dr. Bown partners with her lab to help in any repairs of prosthetics.  Often we need to see the damage and sometimes even need to take an impression or photos to help guide the repair.  A consult or specific exam is required to determine what is the best course of action.

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Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry