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The New
Patient Experience

At Luxe Dental Esthetics, we strive to make your initial visit much more than just a dental exam. Combining a spa-like and safe atmosphere with the most advanced, comfortable and digital technology, we make sure your first visit is like nothing you have ever experienced in the past.

We want our patients to know that our mission is to go above and beyond your expectations on every visit, no matter what the treatment.

One of our most special appointments is called the New Patient Experience for patients who are ready to commit to next level care in both oral health and communication.

In this 80 minute appointment, we want to get to know you, and learn how we can customize your care to meet your needs. You may have already been to our clinic for some other specialized procedure but once you are committed to maintaining your complete care with us, we make sure we complete this type of appointment.

This reserved time with us consists of meeting the entire team, often lead and hosted by one of our experienced hygienists. Using digital technology and photography, we then seek to communicate and examine (with) you using our unique approach of ‘co-diagnosis’. Education is the foundation of our care so we make sure we help you understand your oral health situation better than anyone.

This includes 6 health screenings, a complete digital oral health scan (digital impressions in 3D that you can see and interact with), a customized series of x rays, inside and outside the mouth photographs, a ‘bib off’ face-to-face communication with our hygienist and dentist reviewing and helping you decide what would best suit your goals.

Once we get to know you and your oral health goals, we combine what we see from our clinical and digital exams, to help answer any other questions you may have. Communication is key and we really want you to feel included and comfortable.

From there we make sure we create subsequent appointments that follows your very own customized and consented treatment plan that you will be excited about.

How to Become a Patient

Simply fill out the form below through our online secure form. After completion, one of our administrative assistants will contact you about booking an appointment.

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