At Luxe, we offer you much more than ‘just straight teeth’.  Although Invisalign is the most advanced clear orthodontic appliance in the world today, and Dr Bown has over 10 years of experience with it, your entire experience during your treatment is very important to us.

We offer remote monitoring for fewer visits, acceleration for faster results, and whitening for a glowing smile at the end – ALL included in every case!  You will receive all of your aligners from Day 1 so you can go at a pace customized for you, while we receive a custom weekly report on your progress.

Due to an adaptation spurred by limitations during COVID, we have invested in technology that allows you to be even more closely monitored without the hassle of multiple visits, saving you time and money.

Also, with our acceleration system called Aevo, we are able to get you to the finish line in half the time a normal case would likely take. Most of our Invisalign treatments are complete within in 6-11 months, and rarely go over a year. Dr. Bown is also a Digital Smile Design Master and will examine how we can help your smile be in harmony with your face. She then determines if there is any need for additional services like bonding or repair to damaged teeth caused by crowding or abnormal tooth shapes.

With our Luxe Smile Packages we aim to save you not just time, but also money, bundling the total cost and ensuring your experience is better than you ever dreamed possible.

We also offer 2D (DSD) smile simulations during your initial visit. As a Digital Smile Design Clinic, and the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada, we can show you what your smile could look like within a few short minutes.

We realize your case is unique and so Dr. Bown carefully analyzes all aspects of your face, your bite and your smile before developing a custom treatment plan for you. Feel free to see many of our more recent before and afters on our Instagram, FB or Linkedin pages. 

What to Expect

Once we take impressions of your mouth using our digital scanner (no goopy impressions), the planning and production of your case may take about 3-4 weeks including manufacturing and shipping. Once you receive them (an appointment that may take approximately 1 hour), you will be given detailed instructions on how to wear them and what you can and cannot do. Most patients get used to wearing these customized plastic aligners in a very short period. and are surprised at how quickly their new smile takes shape.

You will not have to come to the office every week because we give you a series of trays that will allow you to change them at home, work or even while you travel. We usually have 7 or 5 day changes unless there is something more difficult about your case in which instance, you may have to wear each set a little longer.

Most people worry about what they can eat or drink, but you may drink most all hot and cold fluids with them in and only take them out to eat.

We are pleased to offer flexible payment plans and design options to help make it affordable for you. Check out our before and afters on our Instagram , FB or Linkedin pages. 

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