Dr. Bown is the Humble Smile Ambassador for Canada

Dr. Bown was introduced to the Humble Smile Foundation while attending the Digital Smile Design Residency at NYU in 2016 and became very interested in helping with this cause.

The Humble Smile Foundation is a World Non-Profit Organization that conducts programs to promote oral health in parts of the world where dentistry is lacking but there are high incidences of tooth decay. 

They send teams of dentists, mainly dental students, to set up sustainable projects to prevent dental decay and at the same time learn to treat dental disease in much less than ideal conditions.  

Also, their mandate is to teach the profession humility and learn to follow the disease, not just the money.

The Foundation is creating an Ambassador Network around the Globe (Dr. Bown now represents Canada) to help discover and lead initiatives that will give back to susceptible communities and learn how this will impact the profession as a whole.

We are also in the process of becoming an official Humble Smile Clinic:

To be a Humble Smile Clinic we will be promoting the 3P’s:

Prevention – promote ways to reduce sugar and acid consumption and educate that

Planet-friendly – eco-friendly and encouraging a reduction in plastics 

People – take care of the people that don’t have dentistry available – as a Humble Smile Clinic and Ambassador we are taking the first steps in doing just that.

The Eco-friendly tooth brushes will be available for sale in the office and we can also let organizations (eg. sports teams, schools, etc.)  know that they can buy them through us but they will get the proceeds.  For every toothbrush sold, a portion goes directly to the Humble Smiles Foundation.

If you or an organization you know, would like to participate in this rewarding initiative, we would be interesting in hearing from you.

Contact our office at peggy@smilesbybown.com or call (506) 634-6000

A report from the front-lines of the war against child tooth decay..

Learn more at www.humblesmile.org