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refresh 8

The Refresh8 is one of our most common packages. It is ideal for the person who wants a true top to bottom smile makeover. The “smile zone”  is considered all teeth that show while smiling. Most people show 8-10 teeth while smiling which is why this package is so great for refreshing your whole face. Next time you look in the mirror, count how many teeth you show when smiling and see if the Refresh 8 package is right for you.

  • Dental health check and records
  • Professional take-home whitening kit
  • Laser Tissue Recontouring
  • 8 veneers (acrylic or porcelain)
  • Night time protective appliance
Acrylic: 1 Arch – $5,375 ; 2 Arches – $9,800
Porcelain: 1 Arch – $13,375 ; 2 Arches – $24,100

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Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry