Stephen Smiling After

This is such a great solution for so many patients. We are able to give you the most stunning smile while being cost effective.⁣ For more information feel free to watch our YouTube video!

The process:⁣

1) We aligned the teeth to give him the best possible bite and make room for our restorations. ⁣

By starting with Invisalign, we are able to create the space needed for long lasting acrylic veneers. Without the proper bite, this veneer type restoration will still last but not as long. Especially if your bite is very heavy in the front. Moving the teeth to an ideal location will give better function and health but also gives us the most ideal situation to set up your veneers. ⁣

2) We always plan our cases digitally with Digital Smile Design (DSD) to find the perfect natural smile. ⁣This case was no exception!

We will normally start your case this way because Digital Smile Design gives us the ability to work with you to create a smile you will love. We then come up with a digital plan for both the Invisalign treatment and/or veneers (depending on what you need) so we can deliver your smile in the most effective and efficient way.

3) We then create the final smile transformation in just one appointment.⁣

Using this incredible injectible technique, we are able to make your new smile a reality more quickly and precisely than ever, exactly as promised from the smile test drive appointment.

4) The smile reveal! ⁣

You then get to go out and feel more confident and radiant than ever. Often there is no anaesthetic for these appointments so you’re ready to smile right away!
All of our patients talk about how much better they feel once they love their smiles. There is a freedom that comes with not being afraid to smile.