Tori's Story: Total Smile Transformation

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Dr. Peggy Bown and her team decided to celebrate the first anniversary of opening her Rothesay Avenue clinic with a contest offering a complete smile makeover to the most compelling story. The winner, Tori Bradley, survived cancer nine years ago at the age of 18 but her oral health suffered greatly and impacted her confidence. Tori’s application came from her friend, Krystal Mawhinney who felt this was just the opportunity Tori needed. Tori was planning on getting married soon and Krystal wanted her to have a beautiful smile for her wedding day.

When first examined it was found Tori had breakdown of many teeth and was unable to chew due to pain. Her gum tissue also needed the care of a dental hygienist. A number of dental appointments over the course of a year were performed in order to prepare for the final restorations.

Using state of the art Digital Smile Design technology, Dr. Bown and her team were able to restore Tori’s oral health and smile using dental implants, crowns and veneers.

The team at Luxe Dental Esthetics would like to thank The Aurumgroup for their guidance and their beautiful DSD Natural restorations. As well, thank you to Joe Stephenson who was sent by Aurum to capture the story on film.

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