Snoring is not normal.  Many people laugh it off and just think it’s okay but it actually means there is a turbulent air flow all night long. Turbulent air flow is noisy (like a narrow rattling brook) and it means less oxygen is getting to your body. The long term effects of this means dysregulation of hormones, not to mention poor concentration and performance throughout the day.  This is even worse if the airway closes over completely a number of times an hour.  This means the disease has moved to a more serious form of airway constriction called Sleep Apnea.  If you think someone you know may be at risk, we take the time to give you a questionnaire and examination which may lead to a referral to the Sleep lab at the hospital. A simple take home test will help you know if you’re at risk.  Other times we can have your airway assessed by an Ears Nose and Throat specialist.